Productive partnerships

Keeping it local

We prefer to keep things local and collaborate with regional producers who share our philosophy and commitment to quality. This shared passion is our driving force and inspiration.

Wood from Joblade, Zurich

The wood for our open fire is harvested from sustainably managed forests in the Zurich region by Joblade, an organization funded by the City of Zurich’s social services division to create jobs for socially disadvantaged individuals and promote integration in the labor market.

Oil from Josty, Säuliamt

Fresh, natural and extra cold-pressed organic oil from the Swiss village of Mettmenstetten. The oil seeds are not ground or heated prior to pressing, which preserves the natural nutrients for maximum health benefits. Not only do natural oils taste delicious; they also help to ensure a healthy balanced diet.

Cheese from Jumi, Emmental

This family-owned cheese dairy in Boll (near Berne) has carved out a name for itself among cheese enthusiasts throughout Switzerland. Using fresh raw milk from surrounding farms in the Emmental region, it makes a variety of soft, hard, mild and full-flavored cheeses together with various specialties such as the blue «Blaus Hirni» and «Belper Knolle».

Chocolate from La Flor, Zurich

Based in the Binz district of Zurich, La Flor chocolatier is committed to sustainable chocolate production without the use of additives. The cocoa beans are hand-picked in South American and carefully roasted in Switzerland then combined with organic sugar from the region to produce a wonderfully intense, high-quality chocolate.

Meat from Ziegler, Zurich

Ziegler have been selling top-quality meat and charcuterie products since 1899. This traditional Zurich butcher supplies fresh local meat with the Swiss quality label Suisse Garantie.

Microgreens from Umami, Zurich

Young herb and vegetable plants from Umami are rich in nutrients. The microgreens are cultivated and harvested by hand in a warehouse in Altstetten. The intense taste of microgreens gives our dishes a unique flavor as well as adding visual appeal on the plate.

Fish from Lake Zurich

Every afternoon, fishermen cast their nets in the lower part of Lake Zurich, then haul them in again the following day at dawn. Six days a week, Adrian Gerny and his team deliver top-quality fresh fish to Zurich’s kitchens. The catch varies according to the season and conditions, and we serve whatever has been landed that day.

Cocktails from Mikks, Zurich

Mikks is synonymous with fresh, natural, intensively flavored cocktails. The highly concentrated aromas from Mikks use natural flavorings from fruit, vegetables and spices and are free from artificial preservatives and flavor enhancers. Manufactured on-site at the company’s premises in the Zurich industrial quarter, Mikks products are designed to be mixed with alcohol or mineral water to create the perfect cocktail.

Coffee from Stoll Kaffee, Zurich

Established in 1936 in Seefeld (Zurich), Stoll Kaffee’s passion for coffee remains at the heart of everything it does. Stoll Kaffee uses top-quality beans and draws on more than 80 years of experience combined with the latest high-tech equipment to create the perfect cup of coffee.

Beer from TurbinenBräu, Zurich

TurbinenBräu has been brewing fresh local beer at the heart of Zurich since 1997. Using only carefully selected raw materials, it is unpasteurized and free from preservatives. Every week, bottles and barrels of this liquid gold are sent out for delivery in and around Zurich.